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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

a new cheese plate for teddi

cheese plate
You know how Whole Foods sometimes has those ridiculously delicious cheese platters set up for you to sample, and when you try them you always agree it's the best thing ever, but *most* of the time reason kicks in and you say to yourself "that's good, but you came in here for pork chops, not cheese, and there's no way I'm going to spend $15 on cheese and the necessary accoutrements"? Well, this one was so good I caved.

Teddi -- get out there and find these ingredients immediately, you will love this!

goat cheese and caramel
This is a simple goat cheese, any will work. The spread drizzled across the top of the cheese (which I broke up with a fork) is none other than CARAMEL SAUCE. WF has a brand "Dolci Di Latte", but I bet you could use anything. The crackers on the side are new, very crunchy and textured, called "lesley stowe's raincoast crisps", described as "seed crackers". But any hearty, crunchy cracker could work.

1 comment:

teddi said...

wow this looks really good! i read your blog almost daily and cook almost weekly...everything makes me hungry!