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Friday, September 19, 2008

not boring turkey again: open-face ham, cheddar & apple butter sandwiches

broiled ham and cheddar with apple butter dijon

I have turkey sandwiches so often they've started to depress me. I know the numbers (how many calories and how much protein - so I know I'm getting what I need for an upcoming swim or whatever), but that also means I know exactly how it's going to taste. And after a while, I just dread having one. Every now and then, I'll find a new sandwich to eat for a couple days, just a bit more of a splurge, but that little investment means I can go back to my turkey again for a week or so. A vicious cycle, but at least it led me to this amazing open-face ham & cheese...

Grocery list: rustic or sourdough bread, black forest ham, extra sharp white cheddar, chives, dijon mustard, apple butter.

toasting bread for ham cheddar sandwich

Drizzle slices of rustic bread with olive oil, and broil for a couple minutes on each side to toast. Spread a little dijon mustard (I prefer Roland Extra Strong), then a generous spoonful of apple butter.

apple butter dijon

Top with a few slices of black forest ham, some extra sharp white cheddar, and broil until the cheese bubbles. Slice a little pinch of fresh chives over the top, and you've got lunch.


Beana803 said...

I'm going to try this tonight, already bought my ingredients. Looks yummy! I'll let you know if it works for me. Thanks!

Beana803 said...

This is was VERY good. I HATE mustard, but am always true to a recipe the first time around, so I ate it anyhow....and luckily the apple butter made it have a very different flavor profile. It was almost BBQ tasting. Which goes very well with the ham and cheese. Thanks for the idea!

KT said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I think the roland isn't like regular mustard, more like horseradish, did you notice that too? Maybe that's why you could tolerate it better :)

I've been on these sandwiches now for a while, they are so addictive! Glad you like the meat ragu too, I just made that for my family the same night that you commented on it, oddly enough...